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OnLy LoVe
2 a.m. and the rain is falling
Here we are at the crossroads once again
You're telling me you're so confused
You can't make up your mind
Is this meant to be
You're asking me

But only love can say - try again or walk away
But I believe for you and me
The sun will shine one day
So I'll just play my part
And pray you'll have a change of heart
But I can't make you see it through
That's something only love can do

In your arms as the dawn is breaking
Face to face and a thousand miles apart
I've tried my best to make you see
There's hope beyond the pain
If we give enough, if we learn to trust


I know if I could find the words
To touch you deep inside
You'd give our dream just one more chance
Don't let this be our last good-bye

Look at me You may think you see Who I really am But you'll never know me Every day It's as if I play a part Now I see If I wear a mask I can fool the world But I cannot fool my heart Who is that girl I see Staring straight back at me When will my reflection show Who I am inside I am now In a world where I Have to hide my heart And what I believe in But somehow I will show the world What's inside my heart And be loved for who I am Who is that girl I see Staring straight back at me Why is my reflection Someone I don't know Must I pretend that I'm Someone else For all time When will my reflection show Who I am inside There's a heart that must be free to fly That burns with a need to know the reason why Why must we all conceal What we think How we feel Must there be a secret me I'm forced to hide I won't pretend that I'm Someone else For all time When will my reflection show Who I am inside When will my reflection show Who I am inside

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Monday, May 17, 2004
a long long time story..

Erm.. first of all why io call it a long long time story?? well as you can notice if you log in and out almost everytimes.. i seldom update this blog.. cause too busy doing other thing then online....
like.. erm.. online.. (huh??? ) most of the time busy on movie and basketball.. almost everyday i play basketball now.. cause no OT mah.. so the only thing i can do is play ball...  
      last week.. went back to klang.. well i think cher chieh is right.. thats the first time i went to a karaoke that full off ppl.. but i like it.. cause i do love to see so much of faces in it.. (sound like i am tourche them cause sing like abeng..) haha.. then arh.. erm.. nothing really happen now these days.. just going to move to a new house again on june.. and so ... thats means i might not have chance to online at new house.. depends on the situation later larh.. 
      Eh... one thing really worth me to talk about is that.. i think i am not more so mistery recently.. casue i do tell someone about my own thinking.. what interesting is that i told someone something that i wont tell ppl at past.. so.. i hope i can change.. and once i change.. i think might be i will losses alots of friends.. ha.. wel this is life.. and well... i do thought is now the times for me to have a big change on my self. welldo you think so?
       HUnting for job in msia now.. try my best to get a job as soon as possible..  then i can go back to msia.. i know alots ppl wanna ask me why.. and hey.. if you ever see my parents last time.. and you got chance to meet my father.. see carefully.. i think my dad slim down too many.. and my mum getting older... so i think is time for me to go back and take care of them.. and my grandma too.. well sound like i am fifial son huh.. ha.. i think no leh.. cause i already run from my responsibility for 7 year as i stay in sg..   ( reasonable?)
      erm.. really abit empty in my mind now.. dunno what to say liao.. so say tata to those that read this.. and hey.. if you are here.. say hi in the msg box at ur right corner.. and i know someone is reading..  :)

Posted at 12:25 am by chakleejun
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Wednesday, April 28, 2004
FrIEnds + ProBleM + aMbitious = CrAPS

  FirSt Of All... F*** the Blog Web.. CAuse Dunno How.. JUSt nOw After I haLfwaY Type The BLog.. It RefreSh And i Had To RetypE AgaiN

   Hey All.. SorrU for Those That If They Still ComE IN Here AnD TO ReaD MY BLogS ThaT I DiDn't Try to UpDatE It FoR A MOntH..

   ActuAlly ThiS mOntH I WAs So Free.. CAuse No SpEciaL OT... BuT i ActuALly HAte IT.. Well I Know PPl WIll sAY I AM CRAzy.. I SuppoSe To BE HAppY foR NOT neeD TO WOrk Till VerY late... BuT Cause In Sg I got No Much enTErtainMEnt To Go ANd SInce WoRkiNg CAn Get Me $$$.. I Actually DonT miND to Work Till LAtE NighT OR NoT goInG HomE.. And I KnoW Some PPl Will Say "Oh.. If I Got $$$ FoR MY OT, I AlSo Will Work LArh..." But Hey.. Dun sAy ThAt BEfoRE YOu ActuaLLy Work iN MY YArd Before.. I aCtually SeldOm Tell FriEnds About My JOb CauSe I thINK NO oNe will UNderstaNd.. And If got Also I wiLL Assume No.. CAuse Tired after work i still had to Talk ABout The Work.

   I BelIeve SinCe Last YEar Or MaybE Further Last YEar.. My RelAtiOn With EveryOne Of MY fRiEnd AlreaDy XXXXXXX ( Dunno WHich Word To USe ) BuT You CAn JuSt AssuMe there Is Gap, ProbleM, DisHoneSt.. Etc Etc BeTWeen Us... Well PPl Seem Dun Like To AdmIT When TheY SicKS With FrieNDZ ChAracters, mood. StylE,, etc Etc..( Alots Etc HUH?? HAa ha ) But HEy.. I do KnoW And I ADmit.. I am not A gooD frieNDZ 4 AlotS PPl OuT tHere.. No MAtter ThoSe That CloSe Or NoT.. AnD Who Dare To Say No ThAt NothiNG ChAnGe In BEtWeeN US?? anyone??
( Oh.. SupposeLy I WAnted To TelL whAt HAppeNIng ThiS moNtH.. BuT then Suddenly I CAmE iNto THis TopiC.. Well Let me say It Ok. ) ( ThoSe That NOT Wise To Read ThiS can SkiP The WhOlE BloG.. I Will BloG OThE iN ThE nExt One..)

  SO Sorry For ThoSe ThAt If You ThiNK SomeTimes When I MakEs FUN And I Hurts u.. Well If ThiS HappenS.. Do noTice Me.. An Sorry for tHOSe tHAt i STilL  TeAse You EvEN I knOW yOU DuN LiKE iT.. anyHow.. TrutH can"t Be HiDe FroM oThEr.. So Dun MinD if There Is reAl ThiNg stupiD And WhAteVE ThiNg You wAnt To Say Or TEase ME.. say It Out.. As LOnf AS IT Is TruTh.. I mIgHt Get Angry.. BuT hey It WiLL pAssEd And If It is NoT ruMous.. i woNt Keep in HEart.. 

   Enough For those CraPs..NoW i Would Like tO SAY SOmethiNG I Feel Dissapointed.. FirSt Thing... Dissapointed... When THInGs Thats HappeN Or A topIc IN A circle OF A gang .. It WIll AlwAys KnoWn By OthErs ThaT Never MIx With the TopICs... i will put it in this wAy..
>>Something ThatS Belong To personnel.. then its his story..
>>a gang then it's belong to that gang..
>> FrIendS.. then all..

But.. things happen like this.. when we say.. oh it's my own.. please dun need to spread it..i will tell others if wanted to.. no matter who i tell.. but as a friend. the worth of trust is broken when things ends up with rumous or broken of trust by telling what not suppose to tell..  i also dun 1 2 tel in long story i know you understand wat i means.

SECONDly.. this one is not dissapointed... but just a bit wondering.. how come ?? is it only very few of us that ambitious to achive? to try? to fall? to fly? well.. maybe i was too ambitious or i was The fucking BIG DAYDREAMER... Ha... Well.. ok larh.. not to craps lots too..
no one is perfect anyway.. but here is two phrase that i wanna say before i ends this blog.
>>if we were to lap a glass tp look through it. then perhaps we wont be able to see our self again. ( get it? )
>>There is a chances to Achive If You dare To Adventure, if you dare not to advanture, you too achive...then dun ever think of Big One.

PS:/ Those that still HEre To Read.. mAybe just Fill Some MSg there..So Atleast An encouragement for me to update more frquent.. haha

Posted at 01:18 am by chakleejun
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Sunday, March 21, 2004
Friend in sg...

   Well this week got friend come over to my house larh.. so Go gai gai almost everyday.. erm.. she reach on monday evening.. so i went to custom to pick her up.. well.. guys.. dun blame me for never pick you all up cause she is a girl mah.. haa...  then oh.... first day...erh... where i go liao arh.. erm.. i think we go to west mall to have thai's dinner.. then we watch movie... "haunted mantion.. " by eddie murphy.. well very nice and funny.. then arh.. then go home lorh cause late liao mar.. 
    Then sleep very late on monday cause after come back had to take bath and wait for hair to dry...
     Tuesday... well morning sure working larh.. then cause had to work till 6 so i meet her only after 6.. dinner again larh.. thought to go to "lembu kereta air" if you know it.. translate it in chinese.. :) wanna go to "mu chuan" ming ge restoran to have dinner but how know oh.. when reach there only know that had already close down liao.. shit.. so went to orchard.. "marche" well guys.. you all never had this before also huh.. next time got chance i bring you all there. having nice time and dinner there cause the enviroment is kinda abit class. erm.. then we go to sentose.. but never go into sentosa.. just go to the mount faber to take cable car... kinda romantic huh.. well the very first time i take it also.. very cheap only.. so we had the singapore night view from the cable car.then go home lorh.. 
     then the other day i also lazy to tell you all liao cause everyday also dinner then shopping, movie.. then she went back on friday night. :) erm.. then saturday watch movie again... is itchy heart.. very nice. better then 20,30,40....

Posted at 10:17 pm by chakleejun
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Sunday, March 14, 2004
Happy Go Lucky....

    Happy Go Lucky.. i like to use the phrase alot... past... but not now.. cause i am rather not so happE recently.. and not lucky also..   Yesterday busy house-keeping. long time never really do house keeping.. so i do it yesterday.. and since my friend is coming on monday, i had to make it cleaner larh.. haha. 
    Morning went to my company's doctor.. he wanna give MC to me cause My leg Twisted.. well.. i refuse to get MC cause i still want to earn money and cause it is saturday.. wasted to have MC.. so he gave me an light duty.. means don't need to do any tough job.. only office paper work.. heee he..
    An sms reach at morning 1:30am.... saying " call me, urgent!! "   Ermm. well i had to say it is so lucky.. still not slept yet.. and can't sleep as well.. just lying on the bed and thiking of....   Unlike those that i very brave to present their love to other.. i am not that kind that is so direct kind.. 
    Ok.. back to the Phone. so i keep laying on the bed and i make the call..  "016XXXXXX1" .... tears.... coming out from my phone.. well.. sigh... what will you really do when you love in 2 at the same time?? this is why i am making this call.. sure i am not the one facing it.. still not so lucky.. wanna face one also difficult liao.. dun say 2.. haha.  So the call is actually regarding her own realationship's.. not a good one.. so i think just skip our conversation. But sure you wanna know why she tears.. casue her bf ask for broke liao.. She want it before her bf ask for it.. but then she regrets after her bf tell her to break.. well.. human always confuse with what they really want.. sigh. What can i do??? well i just tell her what's my opinion and what will i do if i was her.. and well what is the result of it and what happening then.. i still dunno.. and i dunno if i want to know.. sigh..
    So... today.. went to work as normal.. ppl wondering why i go to work even on sunday.. sigh.. cause $$$ larh.. even in msia.. i woould like to work as much as i can to have more income so i can use it when i want. and i can use it as i like cause it is my $$$  haha..  To Earn Hard.. then Spend HArd..  work till 10pm just now.. while coming back.. receive an sms again.. " if free call me" so scare it will be other sad story again.. but lucky.. it is not. just asking for my help and suggestion to organize something.. hiew.... then oh.. she told me also one news..regarding one friend.... shit. how can he do that.. If She ask me to XXXX sure i K him... i think. sigh.. think is more then enough liao.. cause i hope i wont fight like when i in primary school last time.. just like... XX shit larh.. 
    Ok larh.. still got alots to write if i want to .. but too long make ppl tired of reading.. ha.. so dun blog liao larh.. waiting for my friend to come tomorrow and waiting to see the cute girl tomorrow.. haha. 

Posted at 12:59 am by chakleejun
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Saturday, March 13, 2004
a week.... again

 A Week again.. so busy that I just can’t manage to update ever single day about what I think and what am I doing. Well.. Actually after last Friday of the last day painting’s job, I actually  went to watch a movie on the Saturday. “Time Line?while I try to blog in the page on Monday, I meet a net friend that keep chatting with me and make me feel so tired and got no mood to talk about then movie, anyway. The movie was about using fax’s theory to send things from one place to the other and finally then discover a worm hole accidentally that it actually send the thing to the past, and well they try it with human. And the human which send too many times actually will die cause of the mismatch of the organ, while sending human, it is like the information that cut into small pieces of data that later on been reorganize again same also the human?

Aiyah.. this story actually quite long if had to describe in word?so go and watch it ur self. I will give it 6?out of 10?.

When human grow, we face more and more problems that had to solve you had to face it. It won’t just gone if you leave it there. And erm?I receive a friend msg saying that she actually fall in love with a married guy.. sigh.. things become more complicated while we grow?on the 15, 16..we thought to love who and to hate who.. then we will try to after someone and someone will reject?and while aged.. We face love in other rather then the present partner. Is this kinda thing keep happening? Well should I say I am lucky or I am bad luck cause I not need to face it? I am just lucky cause I still dun have a gf to face it. And I am so bad luck that I can manage to get any till now.. haha.. but I believe everything that happen sure will got it destiny.

Well this week actually got not much thing happen ,, oh ya.. there is an attachment’s girl in our section. And she already here for 3 month actually but cause we were in the different office so I never really meet her and chat with her before till last week,. She was station to one of my office?cause she was assign by my manager to do some form format in excel.. so accidentally we know each other.. Erm.. well.. she is Singaporean. I had to say that she is the 2nd singapore girl that I think is fine. So sorry if any Singapore girl is reading my blog here. I dun really like Singapore girl cause they way the treat ppl, the way the speak?and the way they smoke?a ppl is not beauty if her inner is not beauty?hey inner is doesn’t means her body shape here.. haha.. dun misunderstand.. I means character J and behavior. Erm.. so this girl that I meet is quite nice and cute as well.. erm.. she is studying in NTU . and just 21.. then oh?she very hardworking one. She gives ppl tuition on night?SPAN style="mso-spacerun: yes">  studying  mechanical engineering , and her name was kinda cute?I means if in Chinese larh. The first time I heard this kinda name..  too bad I dun think I will manage to take her photo, cause if I take her photo in my office.. sure a lot ppl will gossip like hell.. haha. Maybe my aiya is right. I am always too soft hearted if I feel the person is pity.. and cause I saw her eat only biscuit at lunch time.. Normally I seldom have luncht.. but sometimes when I cooked, I will bring to office larh.. on wed I think. I cook “glutinous porridge?so I bring 2 to office the other day and I pass one for her.. ha she was so happy and didn’t sleep on her lunch time to finish the porridge.. haha.. this means what arh.. ermm I also dunno .. haha.. ans she claim that it was so nice. Haha..

       This few weeks totally got no mood to work. so never work till very late but will work till normal OT that’s means till 6:15pm and she will work 4:15pm and always on 4pm I will go back to other office cause I had to change there, and she will always stand there waiting for me to walk out to the main door with her.. then she will say bye bye to me and I will ride my bicycle back to the other office that on the other island?difficult to understand on the layout of my office huh.. haha.  Aiyah.. dun keep talk bout her larh.. too long to blog then.. haha.

       Cause not staying at office till late night, so I got time to go for exercise , Monday basketball, Tue ice skating, wed jogging, thurs jogging + basketball, and fri basketball again.. but firday huh.. sigh.. to many ppl in the field.. so I wait.. cause they were having match.. and no extra ppl there so we can’t form any new team. Just to wait ?and maybe cause the god dun want me to play.. till 10pm.. the light off.. then only they stop playing.. shit..  actually I thought to go home at 9:40 when they still not stop.. but then hor I thought to play even the light off?a few ten minutes also can be.. so I play after they stop.. then sigh? I get my leg twisted.. shit?damm pain but then after a few minutes.. the pain reduce and I still can run and jump like normal without any pain.. but then oh.. today morning when I got up? HUH!!!! The pain is indescribable, still I come for work. and that’s y I am now here typing my blog in my office that I will then later upload it online.. haha. The doctor actually wanna give me MC but I refuse to have MC cause it is a waste to have MC on Saturday.. haha.. I just sit in my office and to write my BLOG.. he?

        Dunno if next week I will manage to update my blog cause there is friend coming to my house this Sunday.. maybe.. 80%,, so if she come over then I wont have time to update. J  so you all will had to wait till next weekends then only you will got my blog update,. J

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Saturday, March 06, 2004
tiring week.....

01/03/2004 ~ 05/03/2004

You can say this is a    business...     you can say not......

     The Entire week, i am doing a business my own... i Am the boss, as well as the worker....
Morning. i went to work as normal.. Then at night I Work for my self... To PAINT a five room flat...... IS actually my friend's friend. cause my friend know that i was actually looking for chances to start any kinda business.. and i mention to them before if anyone need to paint the house... i will be available.. so they introduce this business to me.. and i am the boss cause i am the one who control of the staff and i am the staff cause only me alone ... haha
      So starting from monday night, after i reach home at 7pm, i will have my bath, and then i will cycle my bicycle to the house/flat.. oh. the destination is not far from my house.. so i can cycle there.. then i start my part time boss... well.. alota thing in the house.. had to move here and there before paint.. and the house got more then 10 year never paint.. so had to lap with water before paint.. is not easy though..  but at least i manage to finish it liao..  monday till friday night.. i start at 8pm till almost 12:30am.. then go home take bath.. and wait for hair to dry almost 1:30am liao..
       what the worst is that this week was damn busy at company.... not even have time to have a lunch.. lunch time also work.. so it is extreamly busy and tired... and feel abit of "wan tuo tuo" sometimes.. and now the head like wanna crack liao... pain... well.. the best part is that i manage to finish it in time.. and well.. still havent talk bout how much he wanna pay me.. but he is very statisfied with my work... that make me feel very happy.. hehe.. :)

       This week oh.. i miss ppl very much leh.. but since monday i can't get contact with... then got no chances liao.. cause really too busy.... and $$$ go first.. haha.. 

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Wednesday, March 03, 2004
BBQ....... & Tiring day...

28/02/2004.... BBQ day.....

     Morning... wake up early casue had to fetch bro to work... so tired cause yesterday snooker till morning 4am..  after preparing everything.. wondering what time bro wanna wake up.. knock knock... Eh... how come he is not at home.. what the XXXXXXX he already went to grandma house day before.... but he did told me to fetch him to work ... what la.... well since wake up.. thought to ask someone for lunch... but not free.... went out liao.. so.. go out my self to kp for a walk.. then went for barber... well friend dislike to go with me cause this barber will take 2 hour.. haha.. erm... dunno if you know this.. guys also wash hair during hair cut?? and i did in klang.. and also they will give massage when wash hair..
      So.... i call someone again.. and still not available.. so then asked me is my BBQ still on tonight and who is going.... well.. sure on lah... how can i give up my BBQ that i havent been for so long time.. actually i decide it after a very long time of consideration.. haha.. erm.. then look for andrew to go with me to get the material done.... Oh... finallly get him and he is patto with dentist.. so i decide to disturb him.. go with him to the dentist.. and before he change to other dentist.. we had our KC... klang cendol....  Oh... BIG BIG hole.. that what dentist told.. haha.. after that.. went to ayamas to get the fresh CHicKEn...WING.... the sauces...
       Went back to his house to drop his bike as well to get the chicken wash... mix it with the sauce... and fridge it.. went out again to extra to get sausage... magerine... etc.... BAck to house to get a bath.. then start ask ppl to be in time at andrew house to get gather before go.. then i go and fetch NI... Foon not yet ready so fetch later.. so be at andrew house and get the fruits cut.. and pack everything.. they went there to get the bbq PITS while i went to miao house to get him..  so here we go at What the place should called? in chinese was "8 hao ciao" can it been translated to "number 8 bridge"? hah..  after 3 time of revise of places... PY and cc manage to get a nice place .. and Quick hand QUick leg... i n water gun fire up... means while dunno what they were doing cause i was concentrate on the fire.. so.... just not long time.. manage to get the fire ready to BBQ in 30 minute i think.. or maybe less then that.. 
   Too tired today... to be continue.....

    Then actually not much story to tell lahr.. what i remember is that just after the fire was ready to BBQ... foon throw me the chicken she want to Q... and the Ni also ..... sigh...... but nvm larh.. girl huh... maybe i was to osoft heart oh.. haha.. well.. then after ni again foon gave me her 2nd... and then again ni.. hhah.. and then oh.. me nothing to eat lorh. cause no time to leave the pits to get my own thing also... at last... they were chating on there and finally i got my own thing to Q.. haha.. wah... seem like i give all the details oh.. Till after i Q whatever i want.. i went for my mum mum.. and other continue.... just while almost finish the wings then only i realise that we forget to use the pandan leave that we purposely bring... And hey. there is one more pakage of sausage that not yet open..  so i open it..
      After i finish my food.. there left only chuen that sits beside the pits with the sausage and the wings.. so i join in and to clear the sausage.... ( i think everyone is busy chating there cause got girl attend) so i start to Q all the sausage with chuen.. and gave them all to those busy chating..  So then NI join in as she only want to sit there but not Q... and she still with her wings haha.. and so finally the sausage was clear and the last few was in I and Ni tummy.. haha..
       Erm.. after finish BBQ.. we were there start to clear the rubbish... then chat... and also busy taking photo... but honestly.. the photo was not nice..  Then... send the girls home lorh as i promise foon wont bring her out too late.. haha.. and some other of guys went to mamake again to have tea.. then go snooker... and back to home at 4am..... hiew.. at last i finish the crap...... on 8/3/04

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Tuesday, February 24, 2004
A TirIng.. And DOIng Nothings day...

     Erm... alots bill come today.. sigh.. one month again.. when billssss come means one month liao.. ... haha..
     Today abit special.. really quite long time never cook dinner for my housemate cause since they change job.. they seem to be at home very late.. so.. since today got not much OT to do.. reach home at 7pm... then call them asking them if they come home.. so i cook..... erm.. sometime cooking is like an skill.. too long time never cook cause to be unskilled...

       but luckly.. still manage to handle it..  erm.. perhaps maybe i should just go and take any cooking course.. so i can just open an restoran huh.. haha.... but this
can't be done withuot $$$ maybe i am fear... still fear of fail.. fail of falling.. if any of you got the 'something gotta give" vcd.. remember to tell me.. i just wanna watch it again.. in the movie there is alots meaningful phrase.. that i can't really remember after the movie. but i still remember there is a song at the background that say " you had to fall before you fly..." well.. ths is nice.. and perhaps i had to check how am i gonna fall.. or maybe just "long pIa" before i fly.. erm... sound weird huh.. ha... siao lang...
      Snake here and there during my working hour.. not much job to do liao.. but theey never mention about it.. so we jsut snake here and there. try not to stay at office.. so they thought we were so busy doing thing on field.. erm.. nice huh.. always stay with uncles.. listen to their story about their mistress.. ha.. this is kinda life.....
       feel very tired recently.. dunno why.. cause by hormone?? haha i know that girl will feel tired when hormone were not stable.. but guys too??? haha.. who know?? hey those that study pharmacy.. know?? tell me ya....  i think i am really "chan" liao.. the other day when i walk into an pharmacy to buy thing.. the sales girl ask me to buy their product to clear my panda eyes.... sigh.. luckly i am guys.. and too bad the sales girl is not sui or else maybe i will reconsider to get from her one.. haha..

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Monday, February 23, 2004
HeadAche And InLOve........



       The head is not functioning in a good condition,  it begun to be pain a few days before but never get any serious pain.. just a slightly when I was concentrate of thinking. Never consult any doctor cause my company’s inhouse doctor will only give us pain killer and ask me to go back to work... so no point for seeing him just for pills..


        Oh yesterday my x-roommate was in sg.. my house.. just to get an accomodation cause he attend his friend wedding in jb and just to rest before he go back today.. well. No story about him as well.. just to tell you guys someone came over and Hey.. is not girl ok..haha..


        IN LovE......


       Believe oR not.. I am Deeply in Love now.. well.. first of al. I thought it was just an imagination of my self.. then I try to figure it out.. Sigh...

         Sigh.. because I try to give it up..... and wondering what had kept me thinking of it...   But well.. Love is an emotion.. and emotion is untouchable.. unreachable..... just you can feel it with ur heart.. you can’t avoid ur self about it..  sometimes you might even heart break about it.. Laugh with no reason about it.. and you might be looking silly when smiling thinking of it infront of crowds... When ppl in love what they attend to do?? Erm. How bout you??? Well. For my self.. I love to sing.. sing alots’ta love song.. sad.. happy.. romance.. any kind of it.. but sure it’s sometimes depends on what’s in mind on that moment. To express my love might be not a very realistic thing to me.. And I think even I am not in love.. I already treat everyone I love no matter guys or girl with all my love I can. Haha.. Kinda BullshitS huh?? Haha.

       OH... This Time totally different.. I really fall in it very very deep.. the well was so deep.. that I couldn’t even thought of a way of climbing out cause I am still falling.. and still not reaching the bottom yet.. Wow..!! that’s was really Amaze Huh.. Will I brokes my legs... hands.. Or might just “Kiao Kiao” when reach the bottom cause the impact I had to take.. and I believe u guys know my size wasn’t as solid as before.. hha.. now was full of FAT.. And.. oh.. maybe I just get to bounce back to the ground cause of the fat can make me like nike’ shoe the “ boing boing “ thing.. just like elastic enough for me to get back to the ground.. haha.. who knows?  Aiyah.. I think everyone fad up reding this huh/.. cause I was out of topic liao.. suppose to talk about my love one today.. ok ok.. where are we hur?

        Ok .. at least I am not so far out of it..haha.. erm… well.. I miss everyday.. think of it everyday.. and really can’t let it out of my mind even night came…. The moment I wake ups.. no matter where am I or whom I with.. sigh… is this lovc?? Anyone???? Ok.. I think I make one more mistake … I didn’t told you guys.. this love is for????? I love ????? ok larh.. wanna do my own thing now.. no time to express how much or how desprate of my love liaoo… jut to tell you all honestly.. I was totally in love with $$$$$ haha..  Hope this lame jokes can light up ur little misarable life or just bring more happinest in ur Wondeful life.

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Sunday, February 22, 2004
The Tail Out day........

      Tail oUt Day In KoreaN Means BorN dAy...

      Well Is birthay anyway..  still the same larh.. gone for work.. then work OT somemore only i come back home.  Normal day nothing happen.. accept those that still remember my birthday..  Thanks for those that remember oh..

      After come back from work.. just have a dinner with my housemate at home....  cook " mi sua " oh...  then watch movie at home cause my housemate bought an korean movie and we were watching it.. 

      Too nice liao.. gonna go and watch it.. haha.. blog next time..

Oh.. HAppy Birthday To My SeLf :) ¢

Posted at 11:45 pm by chakleejun
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